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Hey guys, I'm new to youtube and would appriciate if you watched my video (: if you do enjoy leave a like and comment it would make my day (: oh and subscribe if you reallly liked it ! Thank youuuuuu

I loved the game !!! Check it out and subscribe if you like it ; )

I trien to play this, when i downloaded this, but happened an error! And finnaly, yesterday dad helped me!

I could see this being the next big game show. Move over Price is Right. Great game! Enjoyed it a lot.

nice stuff :D

Eu nunca pensei que ficaria com medo de girar uma roleta

I never thought I'd be afraid to spin a roulette wheel

Scary games



Nice game guys

I did it. I won! oh.

(Game #1 in the video!!) This game was so sick! Great suspense, great scares! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!


yo, I'm named Jared and I want to say that I'm dead but I am on someone's thing that's why he named it Juice yes I'm Juice WRLD and I am dead and in heaven but I am doing this still with my powers I've had all my life but never told anyone until now when I want to say sorry for dying I want to say 999 for life long and check out my friends channel its called Baseball09 and has a pfp of me so let's all subscribe to him. 

Bro. Your game has been stolen and published on GooglePlay. My game too and many others. Like garten of banban and amanda the adventurer. Keep an eye on it.

Oh shoot, thanks for telling me. I'm honored it got big enough for somebody to do that, but I'll try to take it down right away. 

Awesome experience! Ashamed we died HUNGRY as h'll though.. Scared me nonetheless :)

Super duper creepy, never knowing what's gonna happen next, great experience! :D

Hey I played your game for a video and it was super creepy! the dread of waiting for something horrible to happen with a few little funny moments was great! here's my video with a few other games 


Played at 14:54. Classic example of how mundane activity can then lead to horror in an instant!

check out my video 🙂

Great Game! I can finally check off "play wheel of fortune in a basement" from my bucket list

you should make a new verison of this where you just keep rolling the wheel

i love you calvin! this game is really cool, but a little scary.


really good game. very simple but super effective with the horror without being too much. spinning the wheel was fun.

thank you for the stick :)

For a short horror game, I really enjoyed this! nothing too over the top yet still had some great bits! Keep up the good work! :)

thank you for this experience!!!

Actually made me jump, well done! 

Really great game!

holy shit, you actually gave me a little spook, congratulations man, really good game too 

i Loved it,wery good :3

Great Game! I can finally check off "play wheel of fortune in a basement" from my bucket list


(2nd game) abit confusing but i liked it :) great job x

Great game concept. A bit confusing though but very original. recommended! 


this is a perfect game, great idea, EXTREMELY atmosphere, cause you dont know what item will come next

Spin the wheel for any great prizes! Like death...


very interesting and fun concept 10/10 would recomend

Very creepy and a nice little experience. Good job on this

why no comment about bijju mike playing spin to win


this was a solid horror experience! much love

Gran juego, muy creativo y diferente a lo habitual, felicidades ^^

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